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在某一点上,all of us have experienced pain from losing a loved one.It is one of the saddest moments in our lives,and something that we never forget.These loved ones remain in our hearts and we wish more than anything we could just see them,hear them,or feel them one more time.

Did you know there are several ways a loved one in heaven can make a connection?我们将讨论7种不同的方式,一个在天堂中的爱人显示出他们爱你和在附近的迹象。


红衣主教因其鲜明的鲜红色色调而一直被称为来自天堂的灵魂。如果你注意到附近有个红衣主教,it could very well be a loved one coming to pay a visit.They are most likely seen after a recent passing of a loved one,as if they are coming by to say they are still there even though you can't see them.

You may notice that cardinals pop up at certain times during your life when you are in need.如果你对路过感到极度悲伤,红衣主教来了可能是你不应该陷入困境的迹象,as they are there to comfort you.


你会听到很多人说他们看到了一个光球,相信它是他们所爱的人;and this could very well be true.When it comes to a sudden bright light appearing out of nowhere- which could be a streak of light,天体or a bright light out of the corner of the eye- it could possibly be your loved on coming to pay a visit.

Sometimes spirits do not have the capability to enhance their energy far enough to turn into ghosts.In this instance,你会看到明亮的光线而不是真正的幽灵。If you see a light such as this,放心吧,它可能是你所爱的人。

Their Smell

They say that a certain smell can bring back a memory of a certain event or a certain person;对于逝去的亲人来说,这是再真实不过了。

如果你发现某一种不知从何而来的气味让你想起了死者,they are probably coming to say hello.你看,a spirit can change the air molecules around you for a short amount of time.因此,如果他们在附近,想拜访你,它们会改变气味,这样你就可以闻到它们并被提醒。这可以是他们所用的香水或他们做的你最喜欢的食物,so pay close attention to what you're smelling.


Have you ever noticed an animal acting strangely?例如,you may find a butterfly coming to land right on your shoulder,或者一只通常不可爱的猫过来和你依偎在一起。当一只动物表现出不正常的性格,并且非常接近你的时候,可能是你所爱的人正在动物体内引导他们的能量,试图接近你。

Unfortunately signs like these are not noticed usually.Most of the time,人们只是认为这种动物终于变成了他们一直想要的可爱的宠物。更多地关注你周围的动物行为,你会发现你所爱的人正试图与你交流,and it wasn't just random.

Placing Objects For Us

Sometimes our departed loved ones will do something more bold like placing objects that remind us of them,在附近。For instance: if you find a coin on the ground in a very remote and random location and find that the yearor coin has significant meaning,it may be that your loved one placed it there for you to find.


These are little gifts from our departed loved ones that they are leaving for us.这些礼物不仅会说“你好”,but that they are nearby and with us always.We should keep these gifts as great teastures that came personally from our deceased loved ones.

Appearing in a Dream

One of the most common and prominent ways in which a loved one will connect with us is through our dreams.After all,当我们做梦的时候,我们并没有处于物质状态,but put under a meditative like state that can easily be entered by the spirit world.

重要的是要注意当爱人来访时会发生什么样的梦。A dream in which someone from the spirit world is coming to say hello will usually be quite vivid and lively.你应该记得发生了什么,以及说了什么非常详细的,as most of the time the spirit will awake you quickly so you remember all of the details of the dream.

据说你甚至可以在梦中邀请爱人来拜访你。It doesn't mean it will happen right away,但是如果你认真地问并且保持积极的态度,it's true that a loved one could possibly visit your dream and leave you with a feeling of their presence.


Some songs just bring back memories of loved ones instantly.If you find that you are hearing a particular song more often,it could likely be a loved one trying to reach you by way of music.That is why it is so important to pay attention to the little details day in and day out.你永远不知道是不是一个心爱的死者试图与我们建立联系。

Departed loved ones will also play songs that they think we need to hear.This could be a song that is uplifting us when we're down,一首鼓励我们前进的歌,或者一首能让我们感觉到某种方式的歌。

的确,那些与我们一起离开的亲人,总是在我们最不期待的时候给我们发送信号。They want to show us that they still love us and are watching over us,即使我们看不见它们。当他们试图与我们沟通时,我们需要注意一些小细节来识别,这样我们就不会错过。

Remember that there are 7 big ways that a loved one may try to connect with us.One of the biggest ways is by coming to us while we are in a dreamlike state,尽管其他的交流方式包括放置重要的物体或气味,putting their energy through an animal,or letting us hear a certain song during the day.

Have you ever had a sign from a loved one?What did they do or say?Share your experiences with us below.

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